Change Your Bong Water For a Pure Hit

Change Your Bong Water For a Pure Hit

There are several criteria the quality of water in your bong should match; otherwise, all your bong hits will have negative effects on you during each smoking experience. Let us say you are planning to have a group session. Your bong is filled with grimy water.  Can you imagine what kind of impression you will make? Two words: lazy and slobby. Make changing water in your bong a regular activity. The result will be a pure taste and higher potency of smoke. Do not forget that water helps you keep your smoke cool and smooth. Of course, there are cases when you just do not have time to clean the bong. Then how harmful can it be to smoke from a dirty water bong?

Marijuana experience from a dirty bong

Scientists assume that different bacteria can be present in the used bong for 22 hours after getting in your bong water. Gross!That is neither healthy nor tasty, is it? In fact, since we breathe in the content of the water, it is no wonder that all the bacteria get directly into our lungs. The result is the increased risk of infection. There are also a lot of various chemicals in your bong water. In order to avoid any unwanted additives, think about a water filter for the bong.

Dirty water affects the aroma and taste

You should know that the issue of smell has two facets: the smell of your bong and the smell of the smoke that it creates. By leaving dirty water in the bong, you increase the risk of a nasty and smelly bong spill. Changing the water on a regular basis will rescue you from the awful smell and stains on your carpet. According to survey results, the taste and aroma of weed are highly affected by the quality of water. Many experienced smokers enjoy putting a piece of ice into the bong water to create a cooler and smoother taste. If you do not know how to make yourself change the water, buy the most beautiful and expensive glass bong. You will never want your bong to be filled with skanky water, right? Some experts say that you should change the bong water every session, others claim that it is all up to you.

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