Change in weight proves medical marijuana effects on the body

Change in weight proves medical marijuana effects on the body

It’s not a secret that smoking medical marijuana effects physical and health changes in the body. Its influence upon brain, receptors and nervous system makes it a powerful drug used in medicine to relax body and decrease pain or stress. Last human health investigation showed that its influence upon weight isn’t inconsiderable as well. However it depends on how much someone consumes cannabis and the smoker’s gender, states the latest study.

One of the effects after marijuana use is a sudden increase of appetite because of special receptors activity so the cannabis consumer may eat more than usually at once. That became a reason for the scientist to study the subject closer and to discover whether the pot can become a way to put on some extra weight.

The scientists have analyzed the information on teenagers at age from 12 to research the nicotine abuse and have looked through the changes in their bodies during 13 years. As they reached age 20, about 600 adults were asked whether they had consumed cannabis or smoked cigarettes in the past years. Among them there were about 250 men and more than 300 women.  The experiment has considered the participants’ weight data as well as sizes’ changes in the period from age 17 until 24.

Professors from Montreal University have indicated in the results that those people who has smoked cannabis constantly but weren’t nicotine addict, the more often the consumed marijuana, the more weight they gained. So the men who didn’t smoke cigarettes but used cannabis daily, there were more overweight participants comparing to those who smoked marijuana every week.

The experiment co-author Dieder Jutras Aswad has pointed out that there are some factors which modify the effect. As it was already mentioned gender and amount of consumed substance influence the result, but cigarette smoking takes part in this process as well. Those people who smoked cigarettes during the observation were noted for less weight comparing to only cannabis smokers. The researchers are sure the reason is the fact that nicotine forces to eat less tending to decrease of person’s appetite.

Although there are some questions to discuss, for example, why women and men show different experiment outcome, the study has drawn a curtain in front of the subject a little bit higher so some marijuana phenomena become clearer.

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