Celebrities Who Smoke Weed Every Day or Have Their Own Pot Line

Celebrities Who Smoke Weed Every Day or Have Their Own Pot Line

Nowadays, it is easy to notice that cannabis can be seen almost everywhere. Some celebrities are creating a whole marijuana culture, not even trying to hide the fact that they are into pot just a little too much, and even more than that—they are deeply proud of it. Tommy Chong, Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna—they have all been accused (or praised?) for opening up about their weed consumption. But is that true? Let us have a look into it together.

Many celebrities look at marijuana as the organic part of their daily lives—they tend to smoke weed every day and are not afraid to show it. But others are taking advantage of the trend and successfully accomplish the monetization of their habit. Here you can read about some musicians who on top of singing weed songs are launching their own weed lines or at least considering to bring them to life.

Snoop Dogg talks about weed, dreams of weed, smokes weed, wears outfits decorated with weed prints, so what is going to be next the next step of his weed obsession? It is a known fact that part of Snoop Dogg’s discography was inspired by pot, so it hardly surprises anyone that he decided to launch a product line called Leafs by Snoop. It offers actual weed products (edibles, leafs, flowers, and concentrates) that are available at retails in Colorado. The rapper’s weed love is mutual: there are two strains of pot named after him.  

Melissa Etheridge is a worldwide known singer who has won multiple Grammies for her amazing songwriting. The star was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, and the shock made her try weed for a medical purpose. Afterwards, she smoked pot to ease her chemotherapy side effects, and when she was totally cured and cancer-free, she started her weed line called Private Cannabis Wine Tincture in order to celebrate and thank the magic plant.

It is clear that weed is not only a provider of the goofy grin and low spirits afterwards, it can be a helpful medicine and even a source of inspiration during the difficult times. Nevertheless, there are no things that are totally white or totally black—you have to understand when it is a good time to do something and when you have reached the point when you have to stop it because you have got enough, and weed is not an exception.

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