Celebrities Who Smoke Medical Marijuana

Celebrities Who Smoke Medical Marijuana

It is no wonder that there is a long list of celebrities who smoke weed. But unlike Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, who smoke marijuana for fun, there are some celebrities who need to use this drug for their health, whether to treat cancer or find rescue from severe pain. The necessity of the legalization of marijuana is caused by the sensational ability of cannabis to provide relief from different symptoms. Have a look at celebrities who need to use marijuana in order to get medical help.

Whoopi Goldberg

On a TV show called The View, Whoopi Goldberg spoke openly about how marijuana had helped her manage glaucoma. Last year, the actress wrote a column about her weed vaporizer pen, which helped her get rid of the constant pain caused by the pressure increase in the eyeball. In the column, Whoopi refers to her vaporizer as “she” and gives a detailed explanation of how this device has reduced her pain meds dependence and helped find the proper dose of cannabis to control the pain from glaucoma. The right amount of marijuana allowed her to solve her health problem without getting high. Goldberg continues to take an active part in marijuana legalization in the rest of the states.

Lady Gaga

Gaga has claimed that marijuana inspires her to write music, but that is not the only reason why she uses this drug. After a complicated surgery on her hip in 2013, the pop star was supposed to take time off to let the hip heal but instead continued her tour, which implied dancing on the injured leg. In order to manage the pain, Gaga smoked weed, a lot of weed—over 15 joints per day.

Tommy Chong

One of the most famous comedians, Tommy Chong, thanks marijuana for being 99% cancer-free. Chong used medical marijuana for his prostate cancer, which is currently in remission. The comedian has been advocating for marijuana legalization for many years. In June 2012, he announced that doctors had diagnosed him with prostate cancer, and just a month later, Chong tweeted that he was already 99% cancer-free thanks to medical marijuana, specifically cannabis oil. A year later, Chong claimed that he had become completely cancer-free thanks to hemp oil and other marijuana products.

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