CBN Cannabis and Other Neglected Cannabinoids

CBN Cannabis and Other Neglected Cannabinoids

We are all familiar with THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that makes us feel high. But what do we know about other cannabinoids? Cannabis is no longer associated only with THC. The reason for that is the indomitable interest of marijuana connoisseurs in investigating cannabis and finding out what other molecules of the plant influence the flavor and the effects of weed. Cannabinoids are the chemicals produced in the cannabis flower that affect the human central nervous system, or CNS, by imitating the endocannabinoids. When they bind to the brain receptors that are responsible for pain and memory, endocannabinoids are able to have an effect on them. In the marijuana plant, you may find more than 80 cannabinoids, but it is enough to know about CBN, CBD, and CBG.

1. CBN

Have you ever experienced smoking some purely cured or really old marijuana? If so, then you already know the effects of CBN. It can make you high but only for a bit. More than that, the heavy sleepiness it causes will overshadow any psychoactive influence. In medicine, CBN is used as a very strong sedative. Medical marijuana patients use CBN products to treat insomnia, glaucoma, and nerve pain.

2. CBD

CBD has gained high popularity due to its powerful physical effects. CBD pain relief effect makes this cannabinoid the second most common component of cannabis after THC. CBD produces no high and is even able to reduce the effects of THC. Among the medicinal effects of CBD, we can point out the ability to help patients with inflammation, stress, epilepsy, and different kinds of pain. Some people even use it to treat nausea caused by chemotherapy.

3. CBG

To be honest, it is CBG we have to thank for the medical benefit of cannabis. This cannabinoid is the precursor to CBD, THC, and the rest of cannabinoids. CBG itself does not produce any psychoactive effects, though it can become THC, which will surely make you high. Just like the use of CBD, CBG consumption can result in muscle relaxation and provide stress relief. A recent study has also shown that CBG acts as a COX-2 inhibitor and has the same mechanism ibuprofen and aspirin use for reducing inflammation.

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