CBD Oil Legal Status

CBD Oil Legal Status

For many years, marijuana has been associated with getting high. However, times have changed, especially in the world of cannabis. With the rising popularity and recognition of CBD, the most widespread question among marijuana enthusiasts today is “Where can I buy CBD oil?”. The reason for that is that using cannabis is no longer tied to euphoric feelings. On the contrary, for medical marijuana patients, CBD oil is a valuable medication that helps treat many diseases.

CBD: what is that?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the 80 known cannabinoids that are found in marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive component and does not make you high. The more studies confirm the ability of CBD to treat serious diseases, the more patients become interested in it. One example of medical benefits of CBD oil is effective treatment of epilepsy among children. However, unfortunately, CBD products are in the legal gray area. Nowadays, CBD products can be purchased in any food store and on Amazon, but are they actually legal? Well, the answer is quite complicated, and the best response is that the legality of CBD oil depends on the material it was made of.  Under the Controlled Substances Act, the legality of cannabis products is not based on the percent of THC in their content. CBD is not even defined according to that act, but it does not mean that it automatically becomes legal. In fact, the legality of the product depends only on the plant material it was derived from, not on its level of THC. For example, if the CBD oil is derived from marijuana flowers, then it is federally illegal for consumption. On the contrary, if the oil is made from mature plant stalks, then it can be consumed legally. The reason for such difference in restrictions lies in the CBD side effects, which differ depending on the material the CBD oil is made of.

What about industrial hemp?

The term “hemp” is used to describe the plants with a too low level of THC in their content to create any high feeling (usually, THC is lower than 1 percent). The problem is that unlike in Europe, industrial hemp is still illegal in the U.S., which significantly slows the economy of the country down.

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