• Rich family donates $30 million on cannabis researches

    Rich family donates $30 million on cannabis researches0

    An Australian rich family donated 33.7 million dollars to the University of Sydney. The program has its own name – the Lambert Initiative, which main goal is to be specially used to research marijuana. Barry and Joy Lambert, the philanthropists responsible for the Lambert Initiative, made their status in financial management. Their granddaughter, Katelyn, suffered

  • Marijuana facts and superstitions

    Marijuana facts and superstitions0

    It seems clear that the cannabis facts on its usage are being one of the most controversial topics in a modern society. The phenomenon is always surrounded by thousands of myths, stereotypes and unconfirmed conclusions which leads to widespread apprehension on legalization and keeps society misinformed. Drug Enforcement Administration turns the truth away even further

  • Mexican journalist proves drug war to be a fake

    Mexican journalist proves drug war to be a fake0

    Being one of the most dangerous and controversial project to research Mexican expert journalist Anabel Hernandez has spent almost 10 years shedding the light on drug war in her own country confirming the responsibility of the corrupted government and Drug Enforcement Administration in promotion and furthering the war. In her book “Narcoland” she stresses the