• How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?

    How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?0

    You have probably heard about the First Check home drug test, right? We should say that it is a pretty good way of preventing marijuana use. Parents can perform a random home drug test in order to deter their child from using marijuana and provide them with an escape route from the pressure of peers

  • Cannabis Strains for Insomnia

    Cannabis Strains for Insomnia0

    To find the best strain for treating insomnia, every medical marijuana patient has to learn the reason for his or her illness. Usually, insomnia is caused by different psychiatric conditions and unhealthy sleep habits, though there are cases when chronic pain, anxiety, and depression do not allow a person to relax and fall asleep. Some

  • Signs of PTSD: Cannabis to the Rescue

    Signs of PTSD: Cannabis to the Rescue0

    On Wednesday, against all odds, New Jersey Gov. Christie approved a bill that permits patients suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, to consume medical marijuana when traditional medicine provides no help. So, it means that marijuana and PTSD have become closely related. Patients with PTSD along with their advocates had lobbied for this bill

  • Marijuana Cures Cancer—Truth or Myth?

    Marijuana Cures Cancer—Truth or Myth?0

    For many years, people have been claiming that marijuana helps them reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy. Cannabis oil and cancer are supposed to be closely related issues. Despite the fact that the number of success stories is increasing, the mass media is not taking this whole thing seriously. However, exceptions do exist, and one

  • How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test

    How to Pass a Hair Follicle Test0

    Drug testing is gaining more and more popularity with every decade due to the rapid growth of the number of illegal marijuana users. The fact that the appearance of such tests has not scared off new addicts made the doctors develop new more effective techniques of testing that have replaced the previous methods, like blood

  • How to Get THC out of Your System

    How to Get THC out of Your System0

    No matter what reason made you want to know how to clean your body from THC, you can find an answer here. Relax and do not think that we are going to make you purchase one of those miracle THC detox drinks, as we are not. Out task is to answer such questions as “How long can marijuana