• Cannabis Nutrients

    Cannabis Nutrients0

    Every marijuana grower can find themselves in a situation when their marijuana plants have a strong need for nutrients for normal growth. Keep reading, and you will find out how to solve the problem of nutrient deficiency in marijuana plants and what nutrients for cannabis are the best to use. 1. Alfalfa and cottonseed meal

  • Trichomes Weed

    Trichomes Weed0

    When it comes to your favorite marijuana strain, there is a bit more than you can see with a naked eye. You should have noticed that tiny sugar-like crystals cover the leaves and buds of cannabis plants. A bit shiny, sticky, and always with a perfect aroma. If you look closer, these blankets of frost

  • Pruning Cannabis

    Pruning Cannabis0

    If you are growing weed indoors this summer, we have prepared for you some simple tricks that will help you easily and quickly add a 20 percent boost to your perfect yield. A great technique for pruning cannabis plant will make your crop healthier and give it the power to produce more buds. Quite attractive,

  • How to Grow Weed Following Marijuana Law of Alaska

    How to Grow Weed Following Marijuana Law of Alaska0

    Alaska was always perceived as a state a bit different comparing to other states of America. Maybe, the reason it that it is situated miles away from the rest of the country. The residents of the state have always valued the right to grow their own weed. Well, sort of. In 1975, growing marijuana was

  • How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?

    How to Make Weed Strains Turn Purple?0

    You surely want your marijuana to be as attractive as the Purple Haze plant, do you not? Turning your marijuana plants purple will make them eye catching and festive. You want to grow not just a plant with medical properties but also a masterpiece that will make people fall in love with it? Of course,

  • 3 Most Expensive and Rare Weed Strains on Earth

    3 Most Expensive and Rare Weed Strains on Earth0

    Just like all the vegetables and fruit that we consume, cannabis genetics has been influenced by selective breeding. Many weed strains that grow in Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Asia today are under a great danger of extinction because of genetic mixing, conflict, and hybridization. More than that, the strains that we liked so