• Alaska Welcomes Cannabis Cafes

    Alaska Welcomes Cannabis Cafes0

    Alaska is going to become one more destination for cannabis tourism in the near future. Cannabis for recreational use has been legal in this state of the U.S. for nearly a year. But it is only now that Alaska might start attracting visitors with a convenience nobody has seen before in America. In the middle

  • Top 12 Cannabis Events in 2016

    Top 12 Cannabis Events in 20160

    2015 was a significant year in cannabis legalization history, and it made marijuana industry not only feel more secure but also develop all kinds of sub-industries, from creating a new cuisine to creating a new trend of cannabis wedding. This year is going to be really exciting as some promising events have already been planned.

  • Is Marijuana Environmentally Unfriendly?

    Is Marijuana Environmentally Unfriendly?0

    The huge U.S. weed market appears to be not as green as you might think. It is one of the nation’s most power-consuming industries, with round-the-clock demands of thousands of warehouses with indoor growing sites that are overloading the aging power lines and directing the hard-earned gains towards energy efficiency. As there are still no

  • Five Queens of Cannabis Industry

    Five Queens of Cannabis Industry0

    The recent rumors about Rihanna’s new marijuana label called MaRihanna which unfortunately appear to be a fake, made us think about women in pot business. The women of the cannabis industry have achieved great success; they encourage female entrepreneurs to step into this controversial but very lucrative field. What all the women in our article have

  • Smoking Stars: Celebrities Are Also Into Pot-Business

    Smoking Stars: Celebrities Are Also Into Pot-Business0

    Looking how severe the discussion about marijuana legalization becomes, it is interesting to look at the celebrities’ reaction. Obviously, no one wants to suffer the same fate as Chuck Rosenberg, the acting chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration, who recently called medical marijuana “a joke,” and now faces the consequences of his improvidence: a petition

  • Hydroponic Method Gives You Control Over Growing Cycles

    Hydroponic Method Gives You Control Over Growing Cycles0

    The hydroponic way of growing cannabis has evident pluses and becomes more and more popular among U.S. growers. The main advantage hydroponic systems can give you is the greater control over the growing cycle. Another huge plus is that plants rearing up this way can give you a higher yield. At some point, you should