Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization

Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization

Carl Sagan is a well-known astronomer of NASA. However, he dedicated his life not only to space but also to the drug war. One of his books, Contact (1985), talks about the future, the year of 1999, when marijuana is legalized. The scientist did not hide his obsession with smoking weed. Besides, he openly supported the use of marijuana in medicine. Carl Sagan passed away from pneumonia in 1999, only a couple of months following medical marijuana legalization in California.

Predictions and results

Published in 1985, Contact described the scene of people queuing in Paris, France to buy cannabis cigarettes exported from California. He assumed the age of 18 as legal age for smoking weed. Carl Sagan predicted marijuana to be cultivated under a UV light that creates strong strains intended for transportation. Nowadays, we can say that Sagan’s predictions were almost right. Today, we have 24 states where marijuana is legalized, but its export and import are still forbidden. The usage of UV lights he guessed right, but as to age, the legal limit is 21 years and older.

If we look at marijuana laws in France, we will notice that they are the harshest throughout Europe. California is going to organize a statewide ballot in 2016 to legalize marijuana. Oregon already has a system of marijuana usage, complete with taxation and regulation—it is to launch in 2017. Everyone is sure that Carl Sagan had more predictions and thoughts on this subject than he expressed in his book Contact. Lester Grinspoon claims that Sagan had written another book, named “Mr. X,” in which the scientist calculated the optimal volume of marijuana usage, described the positive influence of the plant on those who sufferred from cancer, and questioned the government’s opinion on medical marijuana, arguing that the medicine that the patients were forced to take made them unable to take food. Unfortunately, Carl Sagan could not join the fight against prohibition due to his high position in NASA.

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