Carl Sagan marijuana prophecy

Carl Sagan marijuana prophecy

Many adherents of marijuana know astronomer Carl Sagan was a big fan of marijuana, but not everyone knows that he foresaw the legalization of marijuana in his science fiction novel “Contact”.

Sagan wrote a novel in 1985, in which he described in detail scene with legalized cannabis in a fictional future 1999 in Paris:

“The entrance to the tobacco shop gathered a long but accurate line of people. The legalization of cannabis and the beginning of medical marijuana cigarettes sales straight from America brought all those people here. Under the France legislation, consumption and sale of cannabis cigarettes is allowed only for those over 18. The biggest part of all these people waiting in line was middle-aged and elderly people, mostly Algerians and Moroccans who lived in Paris. The best varieties of marijuana were cultivated in California and Oregon and then exported to France. The most popular among all the other strains was the one that was grown under ultraviolet rays, and was called “Sun-Kissed.” On the window display flaunted a large package with an inscription in French, “it will be deducted from your share in Paradise”.”

It turns out that Sagan was right long before the marijuana legalization, but how did he describe the details so clearly?

Colorado and Washington were the first states where the sales of legal cannabis were allowed, and it happened not earlier than in 2014 — 29 years after the book was published, where Carl suggested that France would allow opening medical marijuana shops which will be cooperating with Oregon and California.

It is expected that legal sales will start in Oregon next year. In California legalization has not been accepted yet, although there are high expectations for the next year. Currently export of cannabis is prohibited, even there where it is legal.

As for France, where cannabis is still prohibited, it’s the country with the harshest policy in Europe regarding cannabis use.

Sagan in his book described the age limit that allows consuming cannabis, but in states where it’s legalized buyer must be over 21 years. As the author of “Contact” Carl was right when he said that cannabis cultivation under ultraviolet light increases the THC content.

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