Cannabutter: Step-by-Step Instruction

Cannabutter: Step-by-Step Instruction

It is not a secret that making cannabutter is a process with lots of confusion. On the Internet you may find many recipes that teach you how to make cannabutter. Every recipe usually says you should simmer weed, butter, and some water in one pan for a couple hours, then strain the weed and let it get solid. The common mistake of all the recipes is the improper explanation of the importance of each ingredient. Our recipe will not only shed light on the unknowns of the process but also teach you how to make cannabutter fast!

Cooking process

Different recipes use different kinds of ingredients and proportions. We decided to take one ounce of leftovers from blunts and joints and a pound of butter.

In most recipes, the following two steps are butter clarifying and weed grinding. We chose to skip them, as they are not essential to the process.

Weak flame for no-stress cannabutter

Instead of the stove top, which is commonly used, we took a crock pot, as this way, it is much easier to maintain the necessary slow simmer and not to worry that the mixture will whip out. The temperature has to be stable all the time—190 degrees. If you let the temperature rise, the terpenes will start evaporating, and the butter will be not as potent as you wish. That is why the crock pot is the best option. After you put the weed and butter inside and fill the pot about 3/4’s full of water, set it on low heat and let it stir for five hours. In the beginning, you will see a lot of bubbles formed from the THC heating process and the release of CO2. By the end of stirring, you will notice they are gone completely. When the mix was ready, we took a cheese cloth and simply strained the mixture through it right into a bowl. Next, we pressed the liquid that we received from the strained weed and put it in the fridge to cool and solidify. In 12 hours, we were ready to harvest our cannabutter. We took it out from the bowl and put it on a smooth surface. Some advise to slide a knife around the edges of the butter, but in our case, it was enough to just turn over the bowl and push it down. By the way, if you do not want to have difficulties with taking the butter out of the bowl, freeze it at an angle by putting something under the bowl.

As you can see, making cannabutter is very easy, just keep it simple, and you will not lose!

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