Cannabis Wax

Cannabis Wax

You have probably noticed how creative marijuana smokers are. To make sure it is true, it is enough to take a look at the list of weed terms. Baking, toking, hitting the hippie lettuce, ripping, bugging out, and so on. But you should really pay your attention to the new term that has been created recently but has already gained a lot of popularity—dabbing. The main feature of this way of consuming weed is about vaporizing the dab wax, a special marijuana concentrate.

What is wax for dabbing?

Dab wax, also known as marijuana wax, is a form of hash oil concentrate. It is the final product of butane hash oil extraction. Marijuana wax looks like thick honey, so you will never confuse it with something else. But why is this wax called a concentrate? The thing is that marijuana wax has a higher level of THC (up to 80%) comparing to traditional marijuana strains. See the difference?   

How is cannabis wax made?

The most common way of producing marijuana wax is butane extraction. Dried marijuana buds are placed into a pipe or a tube, and then liquid butane is forced through. What is the aim? Well, butane has a specific ability—to bond with THC, the main marijuana component that makes you feel high. The derived substance is then evaporated and turned into the oily substance called butane hash oil (BHO). As soon as the extraction process is completed, it is time to harden the BHO to form marijuana wax. However, the process is extremely dangerous, so it is better to keep everything safe. Why? First of all, butane is a flammable substance, so performing the process incorrectly can cause its explosion. Secondly, butane vapors are heavy and usually collect at low levels of the room where you cannot notice them. Even a small spark can cause huge problems. Thirdly, the process of making BHO requires costly ventilation systems as inhaling the butane vapor in high quantities can be deadly.

How to consume marijuana wax?

To experience cannabis wax, you have to use a special device—a dabbing bong, or as it is commonly known, a vaporizer. Bong for dabbing does not differ a lot from the usual marijuana bong, though a vaporizer has a few essential parts, for example, the dome and the nail.

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