As the medical marijuana becomes legal in more states, the question about cannabis harmful effects rises, especially considering respiratory diseases. The problem is how improve safe substance use for the cannabis consumers, which put their health in jeopardy with cannabis smoke carcinogens and breathe system irritants.

Despite of some popular conception about the link between weed consume and lung cancer, it’s proved that tobacco smoke brings much more danger but cannabis remains potentially harmful for respiratory organs. Marijuana smokers often suffer from bronchitis symptoms like hard coughing, tight chest ache and rasping breath. The goal of health care professionals is not to increase inappropriate way of substance consume but to reduce danger of injurious particles. So they recommend using a vaporizer for cannabis, especially for those who already has breath problems and want rapid ache relief.

Nowadays researchers collect the information on the subject which will hopefully prove the less harm of vaporization in comparison to smoking and develop the new ways of safe consume. The idea was to increase the relation between active particles to inhalation irritants by augmentation of cannabinoids in cannabis concentration. So the stronger cannabis will require less inhaling which gives a possibility to marijuana user to modify the amount of inhaled substance being reliant on its active dose. The participants of scientific research also showed their preference o lower-dose cannabis to concentrated form mentioning the effects come not hectic, but gradually.

Another advantages of untraditional cannabis consume is changing the whole technology of cannabinoids release. While the smoking weed using joints, pipes or bongs requires burning the bud, vaporizing method heat the marijuana without actual fire and therefore releases the cannabinoids in steam which is free method of realizing the byproducts as the result of burning.

According to the studies that may reduce risk of lung and heart diseases though it requires using the regulated substance rather than bought on the ‘black market’, as they usually contain ammonia liquids.

As the legalization law comes to an action, the question of lung, heart and breath diseases will undoubtedly rise but the current situation already shows that vaporizers promise to become more popular in the near future by those who want to avoid health problems.

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