Cannabis to be available in Denver Horeca?

Cannabis to be available in Denver Horeca?

Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente, the two men who literally made Colorado Amendment 64 (“Regulate Marijuana as Alcohol” Act) possible in 2012, are back with exciting news: marijuana may soon be available in bars and restaurants throughout the state. Tvert and Vicente are basically pushing their initiative further stating that cannabis, just like alcohol, should be legal to consume at public recreational locations. The ballot is titled “The Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative”, and for now only proposes to allow public usage within Denver city limits.

You have to be very patient when you deal with cannabis legalization’, Tvert says, “it was a long way for me and attorney Vicente towards the 64th Amendment, so we are cautiously suggesting a mild measure that would exempt the existing ban on social marijuana in Denver”. The new initiative, should it be supported, will allow cannabis usage only on adult public sites (e.g. bars, pubs, casinos) where minorities are not admitted.

Colorado government, however, seems to be reluctant to permit any social activities involving free consumption of marijuana. Despite the effective Amendment 64, Denver police is known to shut down two clubs in the city for ‘promoting social activities related to marijuana”. There have been several arrests as result of negative interactions between law enforcement and pub owners in regard to smoking cannabis on-site. With the new initiative, Tvert and Vicente aim to further back the growing demand for recreation with cannabis-related experience.

And the demand is growing by the day – the city of Denver is becoming a tourist attraction due to pubs and hotels that offer traditional smoking, cannabis-infused drinks and even dining. A number of restaurants are adding innovative food pairings to their menu with regard to cannabis and derived products. But these activities, albeit demanded, are carried out under watchful eye of the city authorities, with serious risks for business owners. The Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative will hopefully take this burden off of their shoulders, allowing public recreational sites legally offer their customers the much demanded experience.

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