Cannabis Recipes

Cannabis Recipes

The time when people first found out that it was possible to cook their favorite dishes with marijuana was in Paris when Alice B Toklas entertained the artistic elite with her “Haschich Fudge.” Today’s cannabis recipes rarely use buds or flowers of the plant. Nowadays, to make a delicious weed candy or cookie, chefs use marijuana-infused butter and oil. But is there anything special in cooking with marijuana buds and flowers? The answer is yes!

Cooking with cannabis buds or flowers

Here are the reasons why cooking with different parts of the marijuana plant is so special.

– Using marijuana buds in your recipes is the easiest way to cook marijuana-infused delicacies, especially for the newbies.

– Most marijuana smokers always have some buds in their pocket. So there is no need to worry about how much weed to make brownies you need to have. Any amount is OK.

– This way you can save a lot of money as you need just a small amount of weed to cook something, unlike making cannabis-infused butter, which will take an ounce of weed or even more.

– The quality of your weed does not matter—it is a perfect ingredient in any case.

– It takes a minimum of time. All you need is to decarb you weed and stir it into the mixture.

Want to cook with weed buds? Use recipes where you can make the best of them!

There is nothing better than to choose the recipe that will uncover all the magical features of marijuana, from its flavor to texture and smell. Look for the recipes that already require different herbs and just make cannabis buds or flowers one more ingredient of that lovely dish. Different sauces and soups are also good for adding weed buds. Just think about it—a marinara sauce with basil, oregano, various Italian herbs, and the perfect flavor of marijuana! What a delight! Here is one more idea for you: ground meats. Recipes with it are very popular among marijuana chefs. The fats in the meat help marijuana buds metabolize.

Marijuana Bud Cooking Tips

To get the best results when cooking marijuana edibles with buds or flowers, you need to grind your weed. Also, do not forget to “activate” your weed by decarboxylating it. Then your spicy meatballs or potstickers will bring you the desired feelings.

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