Cannabis prohibition is racist – The White House

Cannabis prohibition is racist – The White House

Last report from the White House contains information that marijuana is one of the causes of racism in United States.

“Afro Americans are arrested nearly four times often than white persons for carrying illegal marijuana, despite the fact that black and white individuals using marijuana at the same rates,” says the report.

This week The Executive Office of the President has published a special document that discusses inequality in education, criminal justice and other aspects between black individuals and other Americans.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) an organization that supports legalization of marijuana in the U.S. provides the statistics of marijuana arrests.

Except marijuana, statistics include information about racial differences in other aspects of the criminal justice system. Such as:

In all State and Federal prisons the major part (more than 60%) of all prisoners were black and Latino prisoners although their population in United States far less.

Black individuals are dominating by the quantity of detentions and arrests. Even when the offense committed by black individual insignificantly different from that what white individual commits, the justice is likely to be on the side of white people and they will have shorter term behind the bars than black individuals.

The report insists that the sum of money which government spends to keep juveniles in prison is better to spend on their education. Every year government of United States pays more than $100,000 for imprisonment of young people it’s two times expensive than the price of studying and living in the most expensive college in America.

Report details that even light offense committed by individual as a juvenile can reduce all the chances to achieve good financial status in the future.

White House says that nowadays more than a million of colored men are in prisons and when they return their criminal past will follow them. Society established barriers for these people and ex-prisoners face them every day, including lack of normal job, lack of safe place of living, and lack of social support. Due to the research approximately 40 percent of employers said that they do not consider the possibility to hire an ex-criminal.

Such situation has an influence on a whole society. Government should take measures to help disadvantaged youth and invest in them, thereby improving sense of justice and economic welfare of the whole society.

Release of the report goes during the week and Barack Obama is putting his emphasis on criminal justice reform. Just a few days ago he released more than 20 people imprisoned for drug carrying. And yesterday he gave an interview at Federal Correctional Institution, El Reno in Oklahoma.

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