Cannabis Oil for Cancer

Cannabis Oil for Cancer

The statistics claim that 39.6% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point of their lives. It means that cancer affects nearly everyone—if not you, then your relative or friend has battled cancer. Fresh medical marijuana news appear every day—there is always some doctor or scientist that yet again proves the medical value of weed and some government official that proclaims marijuana as a drug and nothing else. Oncologists support the former group and strongly recommend weed as part of cancer patients’ treatment plans. While the positive effects of marijuana continue to impress us and alleviate cancer symptoms, the U.S. government continues to classify marijuana as a drug with a high risk of abuse and no medical use. More than that, the government states that there is no connection between medical marijuana and cancer. So, what do we have? On the one hand, the government assures us of the medical uselessness of marijuana, and on the other hand, there are researchers and specialists that consider cannabis the ultimate cure for cancer that should be legally provided to thousands of patients suffering cancer. So, where is the truth?

The amount of people affected by cancer is so huge that it is normal that everyone wants to know whether cannabis can really be used as a cure for cancer. The Internet is full of happy stories about how cannabis, or in fact, “cannabis oil,” cured people from cancer or at least reversed it. We asked Dr. Abrams, one of the leading oncologist in the world, what he thinks about it. He simply expressed an opinion that those people that claimed to be miraculously cured by cannabis had also undergone regular treatment, so there was no proof that cannabis had anything to do with that. However, he asserted that weed was an excellent remedy for various symptoms of cancer treatment.

Numerous scientific studies have shown the potential of the medical use of cannabis, but that is not enough. The findings prove that cannabis oil can stop or inhibit cancer, including brain and liver cancer, melanoma, leukemia, and other cancer types. Such studies are really promising, but their possibilities are extremely limited by the government—clinical studies can be done only on animals, while they need to be carried out on humans.

As more and more states of America legalize medical marijuana, we have high hopes that the federal government will finally change their position on cannabis prohibition and punishments for its illegal use. The only thing we can do is believe that in the near future, a cure for this horrible disease will be discovered, and people will no longer suffer from cancer.

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