Cannabis Oil for Cancer

Cannabis Oil for Cancer

Since 1974, numerous studies have been conducted on the ability of marijuana to fight tumors. Can weed help cancer patients and how exactly does it work? Let us see what is the doctors’ point of view on how marijuana oil affects cancer.

The answer lies in your receptors

Your body is full of CB1 and CB2 receptors that warn the body about the invader and activate the immune system. In the 1990’s, the scientists pinpointed the existence of these receptors and found out their exact location: CB1 receptors are located mainly in the brain, while CB2 receptors are mostly found in the immune system. It is believed that when they are activated, they can destroy cancer cells. Generally speaking, researchers seem to think that CB2 receptors tell the cancer cells to commit suicide, and that is what they actually do. That is why these receptors may be considered the mechanism with the help of which cannabinoids destroy cancer.

Any proof?

Of course, no one can guarantee you that medical marijuana will work, as, firstly, each patient is unique and experiences different cannabis effects, and secondly, each patient has their own degree of complexity of the disease and reaction of the immune system to the invader. In order to test the effects of cannabis on cancer cells, researchers conducted a tube test. According to the results, almost 100% of cancer cells that were exposed to cannabinoids were destroyed. The researchers were just as astounded as you are now. After that, they moved on to mice, but with a quite skeptical attitude. They did not expect the same outcome, but even animals showed impressive results: 25-30% of mice seemed to completely reject the tumor. Other 70% of mice were noticed to have significant reductions in the size of their tumors. In 1998, another group of researchers from Madrid’s Complutense University under the leadership of Dr. Guzman found out that cannabinoids could selectively provoke tumor cell destruction without the negative impact on the healthy surrounding cells. In March 2002, the team reported that they had cured rats from cancer by injecting them with THC, the main chemical component of cannabis. However, there are still lots of covert properties of marijuana the scientists have yet to discover.

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