Cannabis Oil as Treatment of Breast Cancer

Cannabis Oil as Treatment of Breast Cancer

Scientists have found an overwhelming ability of cannabidiol (CBD) to “switch off” the gene responsible for breast cancer’s metastasis in the aggressive form of the illness called “triple negative.” This type of disease affects almost 15% of patients; it does not have those three hormone receptors that are targeted by most therapies that end up being successful.

The content of ID-1 in the cells of this cancer type is extremely high. When exposed to cannabidiol, these cells, to the great surprise of the scientists, returned to their normal condition. The reason for such “magical” transformation is the ability of cannabidiol to turn-off the effects of ID-1, preventing them from traveling to different distant tissues.
Other cancers that can potentially be treated with cannabidiol oil are lung, brain, and ovarian cancer, as well as leukemia, which also have a significantly high level of ID-1. 10.4 % of all female cancer patients in the world suffer from breast cancer. This fact makes breast cancer the second most widespread type of this disease after lung cancer (not taking into account skin cancer forms). Besides, breast cancer takes the fifth place of most common reasons for cancer death.

The report claims that in 2004, breast cancer killed 519,000 women, which was 7% of all cancer deaths and 1% of all deaths. Cannabis oil is widely used as the most effective non-psychotropic cannabis product that possesses an anti-proliferative (growth-inhibiting) effect on cancer cells. The results of the investigation have also revealed that cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) prevented the MDA-MB-231 migrations. For a long time, scientists at California Pacific Medical Center have been researching marijuana and have confirmed that cannabidiol (CBD) really has the ability to switch off the DNA that causes breast cancer.

More than that, unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychotropic effect on the patient. However, THC also plays a significant role in breast cancer treatment. One of the most effective kinds of cannabis oil is the 1:1 grade that has the equal content of CBD and THC. The laboratory test carried out in Canada havs confirmed that cannabis oil has almost 40% of CBD, which makes it the most efficient source of marijuana’s healing properties.

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