Cannabis: Miracle That Saves You From Insomnia

Cannabis: Miracle That Saves You From Insomnia

Doctors keep offering you a wide range of chemical medicines to treat your insomnia, but none of them work? If so, here is a natural alternative for you—cannabis strains that are more effective than pills. So, next time when someone asks you “Does weed help you to sleep?”, do not hesitate—it surely does! 30-50% of the world population suffer from insomnia. Many weed smoking patients used to smoke before going to bed and have a lot of reasons to do it again and again. Researchers have found out that people who smoke cannabis need less time to fall asleep and have a longer and deeper sleep than non-smoking patients. Such cannabis effect on sleep is caused by the main content of weed—cannabinoid CBN. Enough theory; let us plunge headlong into practice. Today we present you with five best weed strains for sleep.

Blue Cheese

This type of strain is widely recognized for its heavy indica effects on the human body. After smoking it, you feel relaxed and stress-free. Blue Cheese is also a great painkiller. The absolute advantage of Blue Cheese is the unique stoned feeling that it brings you and the delicious taste of berry and cheese.

Northern Light

This type of strain is considered classic due to its knock-out smoke that guarantees you will fall asleep quickly. In fact, you will feel gravity pulling you softly into your bed.


If you are looking for the most efficient way of falling asleep, then Critical will be your best friend.  

OG Kush

This strain originates in Northern California and has got so much popularity that we could not leave it out of our list. OG Kush is suitable for treating insomnia due to its strong narcotic effect. After consumption, you feel a comfortable stoned condition of either body or mind.

Royal Domina

If the previously mentioned types of cannabis did not help you reach the desired effect, then it is time for Royal Domina. If this strain does not help you, none will. With Royal Domina, you need just two hits to present your mind and body with the state of deepest relaxation.

Choose your own best weed for sleep and do not suffer anymore!

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