Cannabis may help ease chronic pain

Cannabis may help ease chronic pain

Among multiple benefits of using marijuana, there is one that is really important for pain-sufferers. Marijuana eases pain, no matter of its primary cause. But, the cause of your illness does matter when it comes to choosing an actual cannabis strain. Here are the best strains to ease the most common kinds of pain.

Marijuana for musculoskeletal injuries

Cannabis may be a perfect painkiller for patients with different traumas and injuries. It can help you handle cramps, spasms and even slipped discs. But only if you choose the right plant.

The most efficient marijuana strains for pain relief are Hash Plant, Maui Waui, Super Sour Diesel and Afghan Kush cannabis. The last is actually the best one to deal with muscle pain and inflammation. It is almost pure indica, so it affects mostly your body. This strain is full with THC, anti-inflammatory and analgesic terpenes, including Humulene and Caryophyllene.

It is noteworthy that the Caryophyllene terpene also helps to ease the cancer-related pain. So, you may use all strains mentioned above to manage cancer pain.

The White Widow marijuana strain can also be used to reduce muscle pain. It contains indica and sativa in nearly equal proportions, so it gives you a euphoria and reduces chronic pain.

Cannabis for neuropathic pain

Scientists can name lots of causes that lead to nerve pain, but the two most common are tissue damage and problems with the Central Nervous System (CNS). According to a University of California study, conducted by Davis Medical Center in 2012, low doses of vaporized weed may ease nerve pain.

The Jack Herer, SuperBud, Blueberry, Obama Kush, and Lemon Thai are the best strains to manage nerve pain.

If you are suffering from a tissue damage, you may try to use so-called cannabis topicals―creams, lotions and balms infused with marijuana. You may ease inflammation and reduce pain by applying a topical on the most painful area of your body.

If you have issues with the CNS, it may be better for you to smoke or drink cannabis. As for the diseases, that can be treated by using cannabis, there are a few of them, from Multiple Sclerosis to Fibromyalgia.

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