Cannabis is the Best Appetizer

Cannabis is the Best Appetizer

Everybody knows that marijuana causes a yearn for food—many smokers experience the “munchies” when they are high. This fact may be a new possible direction in an appetite control study, as the scientists look for a way to stimulate or suppress hunger, controlling the cannabinoid system and its effects on hunger-promoting hormones. Until recently, the study of cannabinoids has been largely failing, with the lack of funding and negative public attitude towards marijuana. But now, when cannabis is legalized in some states, its research is developing rapidly. Scientists have concluded that a component of marijuana, dronabinol, can affect the receptor CB1 that controls hunger-causing hormones.

So, one of the most hated side effects of marijuana smokers, who do not want to gain weight, can be an excellent relief for patients with such symptoms as nausea and appetite loss. For those who want to calm gastrointestinal distress, some strains of cannabis are more effective than the others. The following is a list of cannabis strains that will influence your appetite in some way. The prevailing distinction between Sativa and Indica strains is that, in most cases, Indica will calm your stomach and Sativa will boost the appetite. Yet, there are always exceptions.


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