Cannabis is going to Denver bars and restaurants

Cannabis is going to Denver bars and restaurants

It’s about time that people are now able to take legal marijuana in Denver at restaurants and bars consider lawyers Brian Vicente and Mason Tvert.

Tvert and Vicente were fighting for the Amendment 64 (The Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act) in 2012 which made marijuana sales possible and legal in Colorado. Now it’s 2015 and these two enthusiasts are taking ballot to a new level that allows adults to consume legal cannabis at special establishments. Named ”The Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative,” which main aim is focused on the principle that adults are free to consume recreational cannabis in public spaces, just like they are free to consume alcohol at bars and restaurants.

Colorado residents for three years were patiently waiting for changes which Amendment 64 provides. Tvert says that it is very important to allow adults over 21 to consume legal cannabis in special areas where only grown up people are allowed. Notwithstanding different delays from the side of authorities the desire to make changes causes misunderstandings between the marijuana social clubs and local authorities. A vivid example of such bad interactions is when several marijuana clubs were closed by local police for cannabis consumption.

Denver is already got places offering cannabis one of them is Nativ which is located in the LoDo District. This establishment provides to its clients high-quality cannabis not only for those who smoke, but in the form of beverages with cannabidiol and Stevia served at the hotel as well. Consumption of cannabis inside the hotels is still problem of local authorities because of an existing law, known as the Clean Indoor Air Act means that no more than 25% of rooms can be smoking rooms and the balconies are also included in this number.

Besides hotels there is also need in cannabis as a gourmet dining experience. In Colorado, tour company Cultivating Spirits made a dinner party, where 50 persons were invited. Guests were treated to weed, wine, and meals which main ingredients was cannabis and of course kush to the maximum. Chef Jessica Catalano held master class on how to compare different cannabis strains with different wines and foods. So as the event was private it helped to evade the legislation prohibiting the use of cannabis.

Visitors should not expect too much, it is worth to admit that such initiative does not give a possibility to sell marijuana to customers on-site but system BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud) will work.

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