Cannabis Haters Can Be Changed

Cannabis Haters Can Be Changed

Haters differ

It is a fact that people tend to believe that their way of thinking is the only right one and everybody else is misinformed, stupid or blind to the truth. It is hard for marijuana enthusiasts to imagine that many people around the world hate cannabis. These people may be even their friends and relatives who have only good in mind, but for weed smokers it is a crucial issue to make them agree on this topic. To turn haters into lovers we need to chose a careful approach and, at first, listen to them and understand people’s reasons for hatred. Be prepared for some traditional ones as an awful first experience and negative stereotypes. So, basically, there are two types of hates:

1. People, who have never tried marijuana themselves, but have heard a lot of so-called facts that are, frankly, just bogus scares. Their biased opinions may have nothing in common with the reality, so it may be possible to change them with sheer scientific facts.

2. People, who tried cannabis, but something went wrong and, as a result, they have bad memories about the experience. This category of haters is a more complicated one, as they perfectly know why they hate marijuana and what consequences it has. The best way to alter their opinion is to re-educate them.


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