Cannabis Energy Drink—Is It Worth Trying?

Cannabis Energy Drink—Is It Worth Trying?

You probably already know that at least 50% of all diet products have no result, so this fact will not be a surprise for you. But what about weed drinks? In this article, we will present you with a deep review with a focus on ingredients, dangers of energy drinks made of weed, and scientific reports on this matter.

What you need to know about cannabis energy drinks

To begin with, we should mention that weed drinks are canned beverages produced in Netherlands. The drink contains hemp seed extracts, caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, sugar and, of course, water. It is supplied to some parts of Africa and Asia, and to such countries as Spain, UK, Mexico, and the USA. It was released in 2013 under the claims that cannabis energy drink improves concentration, increases your energy levels and alertness, and assists in mental performance. So, anytime you needed a boost, just drink the magical drink.

A little pricey?

The first question that appears in our mind when we hear “weed drink” is the price of this unique beverage. You will not find this information on the official site of the producer of the cannabis energy drink, but we found out that one can costs approximately $6. If you compare this with another energetic drink, like Red Bull, which costs around $2.50 per can, you will see the problem.

“Nothing happens”?

As far as we know, consumers are having trouble noticing the claimed effects of cannabis energy drinks. In their reviews, most customers complain about the ineffectiveness of the drink and the absence of the “high feeling.”

Is It Healthy?

A cannabis energy drink could probably have some nutritional value, but unfortunately, the official site of its producers does not provide any clinical research on the drink’s properties. That is why we cannot make any assumptions about its influence on your health.

Does weed drink work?

Well, as we have found out, cannabis energy drink has not met customers’ expectations, and in fact, it does not boost stamina and energy. If you want to achieve these effects, we recommend you to use a product made of natural ingredients that have been researched and approved. One of such drinks can be Leptigen—a healthy and affordable alternative for a smart dieter.

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