Cannabis E-Juice

Cannabis E-Juice

There are dozens of ways to consume cannabidiol. Some stoners prefer sublingual ingestion (they put a highly concentrated marijuana solution under the tongue for extremely fast absorption), while others combine it with favorite drinks and food. Vaping weed e-juice (also known as CBD oil) is somewhere in between.

Why is it better to vape cannabis?

Vaping offers faster absorption of marijuana components comparing to smoking or eating it. Many people prefer consuming pot in the form of cannabis vape juice as it allows for a steady dosage for the whole day. For ex-smokers, vaping weed is the best option as it can help with quitting that hand-to-mouth habit.

How many ways to vape cannabidiol are there?

Nowadays, there are three methods of vaporizing cannabidiol. You can use disposable products, concentrated solutions, and mixed e-liquids. CBD e-liquids and concentrated solutions are available in different potency levels—just like vaping e-liquids that are presented in various nicotine levels. The effects get stronger as the amount of cannabidiol rises. However, the effects are not the same for each person. Unlike vaping nicotine, where it is recommended to start with high levels and work your way down, CBD e-liquids users are suggested to work their way up. Cannabidiol e-liquids can have absolutely different flavors. Some vapers describe feeling an earthy taste, while others claim it is grassy or smells like used coffee grounds.

Disposable and concentrated solutions

One of the leaders among CBD e-liquids is CBDfx. CBDfx offers a wide range of disposable products and concentrated solutions. Some marijuana enthusiasts like mixing CBD solutions. Here is where Koi CBD products come in. Currently, Koi CBD has two flavors: vanilla custard and strawberry. The company produces 50- and 100-milligram CBD products with 0, 3, and 6 milligrams of nicotine. 250-gram CBD flavors are available only without nicotine.

Which way to vape CBD e-liquids is the best?

CBD e-liquids are growing in popularity, and that causes a rise in their prices, quality, and the number of varieties. The mentioned companies offer different options, and it is up to you which one to choose.

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