Cannabis Concentrates: How and Why to Use

Cannabis Concentrates: How and Why to Use

Many people are constantly seeking new experiences. Cannabis consumers are not an exception. Many flower users look out for a stronger experience when they decide to try cannabis concentrates. Over time, our bodies build up a tolerance to specific strains and cannabinoid profiles. So, people have to change their product to a new one.

However, even if you are an experienced flower smoker, you need to be careful with concentrates and their dosages. The interaction between our bodies and various cannabinoids is a rather strange thing, especially when you consume specific extracted parts and ignore the leftovers.

No matter the strain, the effects of weed on your body will differ depending on what cannabis compounds have been extracted and what way of consumption you decide to choose.

In general, the effects of weed concentrates are stronger than those of simple flowers. Because of the high levels of THC and terpenes in various concentrates, many people bite off more than they can chew as they do not know the necessary dosage. Many have a bad experience with concentrates as they may unknowingly consume too much and do it too quickly.

We have already published an article “Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates” to present the whole variety of weed concentrates available on the market. This article is aimed to educate people about the effects of concentrates at large. We will also highlight the best ways to consume them and describe the differences between those methods.


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