Cannabis as Alternative for Chemotherapy

Cannabis as Alternative for Chemotherapy

Every year thousands of people die from cancer and doctors have not found a universal cure yet. Because of its questionable reputation, cannabis has not been considered as a remedy until recently. This year the National Cancer Institute made a sensational announcement that marijuana can kill cancer. In fact, cannabis has been used as a remedy for cancer for thousands of years and now, when it is regularly used for some chronic illnesses treatment, doctors have discovered a new way to use it. The best cannabis property, in terms of cancer, is that it kills harmful cells without damaging healthy ones, unlike chemotherapy and radiation.

Though the scientists had known for a long time that cannabinoids are effective against this hideous disease, only now they discovered how it actually happens. The Department of Health’s National Cancer Institute has gone a long way from claiming that marijuana has no medical effect and classifying it as a drug, to discussing its useful effects for patients’ treatment. The Department also made a list of positive cannabis effects on the human body. It includes appetite stimulation, pain relief, improved sleep, blocking the growth of cancerous cells and relieving muscle spasms.

Cannabinoids also can prevent an inflammation of the colon and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Cannabis can also work as an additional treatment to chemotherapy—it makes the procedure more effective. It also shows positive results in killing or, at least, damaging liver, lung and breast cancer cells.

The California Men’s Health Study has proved that cannabis reduces the bladder cancer occurrences by 45%.

Obviously, treating cancer is not only a medical issue but a kind of business as well. These treatments and procedures bring a lot of money and often become everlasting.  This may explain why the national Cancer Institute reports appeared only now and not earlier. In addition, the law enforcement has no wish to popularize weed and decriminalize it by being honest about its medical use.

Marijuana may not be a miracle plant, but people deserve to know that they have alternative treatments that may be effective in cancer treatment.


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