Cannabis and autism: parents struggle for petition in Michigan

Cannabis and autism: parents struggle for petition in Michigan

As in many states where cannabis is legalized, in Michigan people allow to consume marijuana only due to condition that they submit medicine prescription to the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department. There it will be reviewed by Medical Marihuana Review Panel and the patient will be informed if he’s allowed to consume weed as a relief for pain, which is one of the medical marijuana benefits. The legalization voters protect nowadays those who offer the evidences as it’s the right of Panel to decide whether the evidences are suitable and specify conditions of medical cannabis use. Autism is now the disputable question as well since it’s not included in the list of disorders which can be cured by marijuana.

Cannabis for autism became a problem for Jennifer Allen, the mother of an autistic boy. She tries to support the petition which state autism a registered condition for legal cannabis use. Though the panel reviewed the petition negatively due to the lack of researches that prove medical benefit of medical marijuana in this case of treatment, she doesn’t give up and countenances the new attempts to forward a petition.

Fortunately new researches help to include autism to the list of qualifying conditions which has been already submitted by another mothers of an autistic children. This document consists of about 80 articles and about 1000 pages dedicated to scientific researches on the problem to consider the marijuana as one of the ways to treat the disorder. 19 families have already signed the proposal, they are sure they will collect many more around the country. The document holds the letters from parents who struggle night and day with child’s pain and dangerous actions like biting himself and tearing the hair.

Professors and Doctors in Pediatric researches note that marijuana definitely works as a safe medicine, moreover, if this question is still discussed, there’s no other better way for the parents to be confident about their children’ health. When someone is not satisfied with the current therapy, there should be another means to provide the families with potential cure.

Despite all the efforts of the parents, doctors and Medical Marijuana Association, the agency which works with the petitions for new disease conditions, regretted passing the changes for a year and left the medical marijuana supporters no choice as to address the Court. Unfortunately the process lasts still without the interest of Regulatory Affairs Department.

It seems that organization which works with seriously ill people acts inhumane by prohibiting the suitable medicine consume. The debates over the question whether the autism serious illness is are completely unethical. That brings to the conclusion that the duty of health protection organization isn’t paid.

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