Cannabis and Alcohol: Friends or Enemies?

Cannabis and Alcohol: Friends or Enemies?

Not only me but many of my friends who consume marijuana agree that, sooner or later, cannabis makes your relationship with alcohol come to an end. It comes naturally; at some point, you simply get tired of all these hangovers, stomach aches, throwing up just after you go out of a bar, and the loss of control, which sometimes can turn some of us into really unpleasant persons.

What is interesting, at least in my case, giving up drinking alcohol may come smoothly and without any New Year’s resolutions. In most cases, there is no need to do it on purpose, it comes as a natural consequence of comparing two states. Alcohol makes you forget about problems, and usually, it also makes you forget who you really are. It blurs your senses, makes your mind float in the ocean of meaningless thoughts and, eventually, turns you either into a wimp or into a monster craving for destruction.

On the other hand, cannabis calms down all your inner evil, makes the nicest sides of your personality surface. Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not make you senseless, on the contrary, it makes you appreciate every little change in your state, every sense that makes you a living human being. It increases your creativity, your social skills and, what is probably the most important, it shows you the joy of life.


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