Canadians want cannabis to be legalized

Canadians want cannabis to be legalized

Those who started consuming cannabis at the beginning of 90’s probably remember that Canadian marijuana was quite popular in the Pacific Northwest. It looked like the closer you get to Canada the cheaper cannabis becomes. Despite the fact that a lot of locals were growing marijuana in the Pacific Northwest, Canadian weed was really good.

In those days many United States citizens thought that Canada is more tolerant and more progressive regarding marijuana culture. Maybe they were wrong because they did not actually grown up in Canada but a lot of them continue thinking that from the beginning of 90’s to the middle of 2000’s Canadian marijuana was the best one. It looks like since the middle of 2000’s Canada has stopped developing in that way. A poll conducted recently found that more than 50% of Canadians want the federal government to legalize cannabis.

The poll released on August 23, shows that 53% of Canadians want to see marijuana legalization process in their country. Among all who participated in this poll, 33% said that cannabis should be decriminalized for small amounts and 35 % said that marijuana should be legalized. Only 12% of respondents said that penalties for marijuana sales and consumption should be increased and 15% said that laws regarding cannabis should remain unchanged.

Dr. Lorne Bozinoff the founder of Forum Research said that his firm has been observing attitudes to marijuana legalization since the last Canadian election and the situation remained the same. The major part wants cannabis to be legalized, if not, they want to see it decriminalized. The government might be consulting with experts on this situation. Many people consider thinking that cannabis harmless and some of them think that the only harmful thing is that it’s illegal.

We hope that marijuana legalization will take place in Canada soon. Be sure it will. Activists just keep fighting and distribute the information all over the country. It will be difficult, but the victory is worth all the efforts. Let’s hope that marijuana will be legalized across North America in the near future.

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