Can You Donate Plasma if You Smoke Weed

Can You Donate Plasma if You Smoke Weed

The community of marijuana smokers is typically the one that loves to share. However, there are dozens of ways to demonstrate the willing to be a nice and helpful member of the society. Every year, on June 14, the whole world celebrates the World Blood Donor Day by running campaigns aimed to focus on gathering blood and connecting donors with patients. The question «Can you give blood if you smoke weed?» is pretty widespread among marijuana enthusiasts. Blood transfusion saves millions of people every day. It also helps prolong the lives of patients who suffer from life-threatening conditions.

Can cannabis smokers donate blood?

If you are a frequent marijuana user, you may be shocked that cannabis consumers can donate blood. According to the words of Bloodworks Northwest and Biomat USA, cannabis has no effect on the person’s ability to be a blood donor unless they are assessed to be under the influence during the donation. No one can accept blood from a person intoxicated with alcohol or cannabis. Even the presence of prescribed drugs in the donor’s blood is considered a barrier for blood donation. However, the FDA does not require you to pass the test for THC—not during the registration, not during testing for blood borne pathogens.

What does the American Red Cross say about it?

The American Cross is the largest supplier of donated blood in the U.S. It collects and processes nearly 40% of the national blood supply and distributes it to almost 2,600 hospitals and blood transfusion centers in America. As the ARC says, marijuana and alcohol use are not the issues that may forbid you to donate blood as long as you feel all right. But if you have ever injected an illegal drug, then you have no right to donate blood. The ARC also does not make donors test for THC in blood. But remember that if you are affected by illicit drugs during the donation process, you will never be accepted as a donor. Potential donors should be healthy, feel well, and eat a good meal.

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