Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed?

Can You Donate Blood If You Smoke Weed?

People who donate blood can be deservedly called the heroes of our society. However, in order to maintain the blood’s quality, the medical extraction facilities have designed strict guidelines in order to choose only healthy candidates for blood donation. There is a belief that people who smoke marijuana are automatically disqualified from donating blood. After all, everyone knows that marijuana compounds stay in the bloodstream for a specific time period. Let us find out whether people can donate blood if they smoke weed. Our answer is “Yes”!

Things a weed smoker should consider

Before you start getting high on a perfect marijuana strain in your bong, joint, or edibles, there are a couple of things you should pay your attention to. First of all, you should know that blood centers never test you for the THC levels in your system. However, they may ask you whether you smoked marijuana recently. The representatives have the right to reject your blood donation if you are visibly high. To avoid such a situation, you may smoke marijuana a couple of hours after the extraction process is finished.

Is it healthy for you to smoke weed before donation?

The problem is that marijuana lowers the blood pressure (that is why glaucoma patients use it as a treatment). There is a high chance that you will feel light headed if you smoke after donating blood. In some cases, people have seizures (it usually happens to people who had low blood pressure before the donation).

Another problem is that patients who use medical marijuana in order to treat cancer can be rejected for the reason of being ill. Also, to avoid the transmission of infectious diseases, the facilities test the donated blood.

Barriers for blood donation

During the registration for blood donations, there are several reasons why you can be rejected:

– you are pregnant or gave birth less than six weeks ago
– you had a tattoo less than 12 months ago in an unregulated facility
– you can be banned from blood donation for life if you get an injection of an illegal substance
– you traveled to the countries where malaria is present (facilities can put your donation right on hold for 1-3 years depending on the case).

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