Can You be Allergic to Weed?

Can You be Allergic to Weed?

The answer is yes, you can. With the ongoing process of weed legalization, people are less afraid of getting stoned in the United States than they were a century ago. Prohibition becomes less strong, and people celebrate it with a nice portion of pot. However, some of them experience not the feeling of high but rather the irritation from a runny nose and itchy eyes.

According to allergists, these people are among the small number of those who suffer from a marijuana allergy. The studies do not have a definite number of patients allergic to pot as it is an extremely uncommon disease, but they claim that at least 20% of all Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. It means they are allergic not only to weed but also other plants and pollens.

In February 2015, a clinical professor of medicine at Colorado University William Silvers published an editorial, in which he invoked the doctors to ask their patients whether they use weed to prevent the unexpected bursts of allergies. His report in one of the most popular immunology magazines noted a rapid increase of marijuana allergy cases.

Silvers also mentioned that the majority of patients with marijuana allergy were either great weed enthusiasts or people who worked in this developing industry and had to deal with weed all the time. For instance, one 28-year-old man who worked as a trimmer at a weed facility noticed an extreme nasal congestion immediately after he took the position. Eventually, his disease grew into a chronic cough and wheeze.

Another patient developed a marijuana allergy with itchy eyes, dry cough, and eczema (rash on his hands) after he had started working at a growing weed facility. Moreover, his allergic reaction became worse when he was at his working place.

As you can see, marijuana allergies can be caused by different factors. Some people can get it just from inhaling marijuana, others from consuming edibles or buds. But in all cases, the result is the same: the insufferable allergy that prevents you from having a full life.

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