Can Medical Marijuana Save Lives of Football Players?

Can Medical Marijuana Save Lives of Football Players?


Postmortem diagnosis

There were 91 former NFL players who decided to donate their brains to science. All of them were carefully examined after their death, and the results were shocking: eighty-seven of the players suffered from CTE. The official reasons for deaths were different, but all of those players felt that there was something wrong with their brain, and they could not find out what it was exactly.

The numbers are horrible; however, it does not mean that 96 percent of football players are at risk of getting chronic encephalopathy. The scientists are still on their way to finding out what exactly causes CTE while so far they do not even know how fast the disease can progress.

Ken Stabler died at age 69 (the official cause of death was cancer), though he complained about memory problems, headaches, and difficulty with impulse control for at least twenty years before his death.

On the other hand, Michaеl Keck, a former college football player who died at the age of 25, was also diagnosed with CTE. The doctors who examined Keck’s brain said that it was in a worse state than the brain of Junior Seau, who died at the age of 43.

So, actually, anyone who gets any head trauma is not safe from CTE. It seems that the list of tragic deaths of NFL players caused by this disease will not stop. What can be done in this situation?

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