Can marijuana replace painkillers for football players?

Can marijuana replace painkillers for football players?

At the sports section of Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo in Los Angeles many sportsmen told their stories (the ones about their injuries) and reflected on the question of cannabis benefits. The main topic of the above mentioned section was the medical benefits of marijuana use for NFL players.

Recently, the news of severe brain injuries among football players has been popping up on TV and in newspapers. Football is a rough game where men over 300 pounds crash into each other at full speed. Often their bodies do not endure the pain. At the end of their career, their bodies can be absolutely thrashed. Many current and former players have an addiction to painkillers. Even the players who do not play in professional competitions suffer injuries serious enough for them to have to use painkillers constantly. Ex-football players openly talk about it in their interviews—they receive painkilling shots after every injury. The most important task for them is to finish the game by any means necessary.

Medical marijuana influences the pain the same way the pills do, but it does not have such deleterious side effects. Various medical trials show that cannabis successfully works as an analgesic remedy.

The attendants of the sports panel discussed the issue of raising the awareness to the addiction problem.

Not only professional football players suffer from pain after the retirement. To help ordinary people  understand the benefits of medical marijuana, the football players who have used this remedy will tell their stories. People usually admire the stars and will eagerly believe them and take their advice. Many people ignore marijuana as a thing to which they have no personal connection, they just have read about it in some newspaper. The example of the person who you admire will probably change your mind. Football stars often become role models and icons who can raise the awareness of common people, whether they watch football or not.

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