Can Marijuana Be Called Addictive?

Can Marijuana Be Called Addictive?

Nobody is likely to believe the assertion claiming that cannabis relates to a group of addictive or heavy drugs. We are used to thinking that it is never a big deal to smoke some weed from time to time, assuring ourselves that we can stop anytime. But the scientists found out that there is still a formidable percentage of smokers who will undoubtedly develop a dependency on pot. Weed addiction reflects itself in a few unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, such as bad mood, heightened irritability, lack of appetite, pot cravings, restlessness, accompanied by the horribly obstructive feeling of complete physical discomfort. However, these symptoms are mainly rare, because for the most part, marijuana is psychologically addictive, not physically. But do not be relieved: psychological dependency is even worse, as it greatly interferes in your daily life. Suddenly you realize that your pot obsession is telling you what to do in pursuit of the desirable dope. If you do marijuana once, it is never difficult to keep up this habit. Furthermore, you will not even notice you are already there, addicted and miserable. And we all know that it is never a good thing to become dependent on a substance that might be harmful to your body.

Where There Is Smoke, There Is Harm?

Talking about smoking pot, you must know what is the difference between a joint and a blunt. As they have the same fillings (pure weed, never mixed with tobacco or some other cigarette stuffing), the main distinguishing fact you have to learn is that they are wrapped differently: joints — in translucent and white paper, blunts — in thick brown boot. They are different outside, but almost the same in the ability to harm our health.  

When we ingest marijuana, we deliver a lot of toxic chemicals to our blood and body. There is also the irritating smoke that injures our bronchial passages, throat, pipes and lungs. Cannabis contains carcinogens—it may increase the probability of cancer development. It may also increase heart rate, harm your digestive system, and burn your mouth tissues, which results in nausea and vomiting. And because weed affects your immune system, your body will not be able to recover that easily.

So, it is obvious that pot causes very serious mental and physical injuries to any individual smoker, that is why it can be recommended to consume only in cases when the benefits from using it are higher than its potential danger.

It is easy to get used to weed, but it is never easy to quit. But once you have chosen the right path, life instantly gets better and easier if you try to do your best.

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