“Campaign ZERO” will fight for marijuana decriminalization

“Campaign ZERO” will fight for marijuana decriminalization

A new project of the Black Lives Matter movement, named “Campaign ZERO, will demand to decriminalize marijuana on the state and federal level. The movement activists released a number of recommendations for preventing deadly encounters with police officers. Among these recommendations, there is a proposal to decriminalize marijuana.

The group supports the legislation of Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican in Congress. Her latest bill, named Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015, will allow to amend the existing Controlled Substances Act.

This document is going to change the status of substances provisions, that are related to marijuana according to the mentioned Act. It proposes to reject their possible application to people who did not break local state laws while producing, possessing, delivering or distributing marijuana.

It means that cannabis users who follow state marijuana laws will feel safe when they meet police officers. Especially, if these marijuana users are African-Americans.

The movement also wants state and municipal authorities to change current marijuana policies. In the group’s opinion, this will help to reduce the level of deadly incidents between police officers and citizens.

Along with the cancellation of criminal penalties for marijuana possession, they demand a decriminalization for the next six activities:

  • Consumption of alcohol on streets;

  • Disorderly Conduct;

  • Loitering;

  • Trespassing;

  • Spitting;

  • Disturbing the Peace (Loud Music included).

The movement activists also propose to expand the use of body cameras by local police officers to protect people, who were not convicted of crimes, from the rights violation.

The Black Lives Matter movement was created after the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager from Florida. The kid was killed by a police officer in July 2013. The movement protects the rights of African-Americans and fights against racist laws, politicians and social initiatives. Today the movement is one of the most famous political forces in the U.S.

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