Californian Police Plans to Catch Stoned Drivers Using a New Device

Californian Police Plans to Catch Stoned Drivers Using a New Device

San Diego Police Department has recently announced that it will soon use a new device known as Drager 5000 to detect stoned drivers.

Since California legalized cannabis, the number of impaired drivers in the state has significantly increased. Therefore, the police department started searching for a new tool that could help the officers recognize drivers under the influence of psychoactive substances.

The new device Drager 5000 was presented on Saint Patrick’s Day. It is the first tool of its kind that will be utilized by San Diego PD in roadside screening.

The police will use a swab to take a sample of saliva from a driver that is suspected of driving high. The material will then be tested by Drager 5000. However, the test is to be employed only after the driver has been screened by a Drug Recognition Expert. Whether you use drugs for recreational or medicinal purposes, the device will be able to detect them in your system.

According to Vik Monder, DUI Defense Attorney, the results of the tests produced by the new device will not hold up in court as there are currently no legal limits on the amount of marijuana a driver is allowed to consume. That is why such cases are subjective and mostly rely on the decision of an officer. Moreover, the lawyer stresses that the test is not obligatory, and it shows only the presence of drugs in the system, not their amounts.

One of the officers of the SDPD has described how the device really works. He said that Drager 5000 was not going to test for the substances consumed in the past; it would detect the drugs that are currently present in your body.

All in all, from now on, you have to be careful with using cannabis and driving in San Diego.

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