Californian Dispensary Opens Cannabis Club for Kids

Californian Dispensary Opens Cannabis Club for Kids

Cannabis oil is considered to be one of the most effective means of treatment for different medical conditions of both children and adults. Thousands of parents around the world use cannabis oil as a natural cure for autism, children’s leukemia, ADHD, epilepsy, and some other disorders. Unlike numerous prescribed drugs, the oil is extremely effective and affordable for most parents. That is why the Jayden’s Journey dispensary located in Modesto, CA, has recently opened a new cannabis club to help children with such conditions.

Widely applied in pediatrics, cannabis oil is usually extracted from hemp. Since hemp does not contain THC, the major psychoactive compound of marijuana, the oil cannot influence the kids’ minds. Moreover, chronic conditions are treated with relatively small doses of cannabis oil that often cause positive and miraculous results.  

Zoe Ridenour, one of the members of the cannabis club, is taking cannabis oil for her ADHD. Although the girl is only 8 years old, she had been suffering from the feelings of depression and some other debilitating symptoms prior to prescription. Zoe has been taking a few drops of cannabis oil a day for a year and a half. Currently, she has gained weight, is able to sleep well,  and can even be seen smiling.

Jason David, the founder of the Jayden’s Journey dispensary, said the herb saved his own son’s life. When Jaydon was diagnosed with epilepsy, only cannabis was able to significantly improve the quality of his life.

Currently, the cannabis market offers several CBD-based kinds of treatment for kids. However, many parents who do not live in medical marijuana states are forced to buy the life-saving medicine for their children from another state or street dealers. Both of these ways remain illegal.

Some states do not allow using cannabis products that contain THC for pediatric treatments. These restrictions can sometimes be problematic for kids who find relief from small levels of THC. At the same time, pharmaceuticals that can cause psychosomatic and other harmful side-effects are commonly prescribed to children for a wide range of conditions.

Cannabis oil is a treatment approach that may help save your child. We hope that this club is the start of cannabis oil being used more widely in both pediatric and therapeutic practices.

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