California found a way to regulate medical marijuana

California found a way to regulate medical marijuana

California was the first state in the U.S. with legalized medical marijuana. After 19 years of using cannabis for medical purposes, Californians, however, do not have comprehensive rules for growing, possessing or selling medical weed. Now, the local authorities are going to change the way things are, finally.

Last week, California officials created a package of bills aimed to manage the billion dollar industry. In is noteworthy that the main reason to do so was the upcoming 2016 vote on recreational cannabis legalization.

The problem is that until now most of medical cannabis dispensaries worked in a semi-legal area. Although many dispensaries have got a license from municipalities, they did not receive official permission from the state. Now, this problem is probably going to be solved.

On Friday, the package of bills which will create a new mechanism of state control for marijuana users, growers and sellers passed the vote. Now the document will be sent to Governor Jerry Brown, who is expected to sing it.

According to the Sacramento Bee, California Assemblymen are going to create a system that will turn medical cannabis into a regular agricultural product. It means that in the near future marijuana growers will be managing their work just as other farmers do. The new rules will define the order of using water, pesticides and insecticides. As for the tracking system, the framework will help to track the whole path of medical marijuana. For example, to improve the medical marijuana control, California authorities are going to use bar codes. In total, the package includes 17 separate categories of licenses.

Californians first voted for whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized in 1996. Eight years later, in 2004, state officials let patients create cooperatives to grow cannabis and to provide it for medical use. Now, the local government will remove the uncertainty in the area by improving a comprehensive way of the complete legalization process for medical marijuana growers and sellers. Next year, the state may cross the finish line with the possibility of legalizing recreational cannabis in California on the upcoming vote.

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