Buying hush in China is easy but can be punished with a death penalty

Buying hush in China is easy but can be punished with a death penalty

A week ago, China made a step towards the United Nation recommendations and replaced the death penalty with life imprisonment for a great number of crimes, but not for for drug-related offenses.

China has made great progress in the right direction. So far, China was on the top of the list in the use of the death penalty. The actual number of execution in the country is still kept a secret, but according to the data of Amnesty International, there are several thousands people that are put to death every year. This is also refers to drug offenders.

It is true that in mostly cases police officers prefer to ignore the drug use when it comes to tourists. But these days, when China is preparing to Winter Olympic games 2016, police is not as tolerate as before.

You should remember that any related actions with marijuana are illegal. But it does not mean that is it totally underground business. In theory, anyone who wants to buy some hush can do it without any problems, there are lots of recommendations and advice you can find in Internet. Sometimes policemen pretend they do not see anything suspicious. Sometimes they do not.

Cannabis industry is quite a big one in China, but it refers to using hemp for producing clothing, textiles, bird feed, biodegradable plastics, and as a source of dietary fiber. Hemp has a low content of psychoactive compounds, so it is actually not really the same as marijuana.

Hemp is legal in China, but hash is not. At the same time, selling hush can cost you your life, while possessing drugs technically is legal. Though, we would not recommend you to try your fortune.

Beijing is still the most popular touristic place, and the place where people can buy hush is common-known. Usually, people mention bar and club area Sanlitun, where West African guys own the business. But this district is also the concentration of police, as they patrolling this place in order to catch the pot dealers.

The United Nation try to encourage China to move towards the complete abolish of the death penalty for all offenses, including drug-related, but so far buying some drugs in Beijing can cost people their lives.

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