Breathtaking Weed, or Why We Cough While Smoking

Breathtaking Weed, or Why We Cough While Smoking

Undoubtedly, every novice smoker is familiar with this unpleasant situation. You roll a blunt and prepare yourself for the unforgettable trip to the Weed Land, when suddenly heavy cough spoils everything. Some users experience simple tickling in the throat, while the others can suffer from breathing difficulties. So, why do all these side effects take place? There are simple explanations for those who hesitate to smoke pot again after all the coughing.

The smoke and the ash

Officially, cannabis smokers are not included in the risk group for lung cancer. But every user should know that pot smoke contains many harmful carcinogens. A larger amount of these irritants was found in tobacco smoke, that is why it affects our lungs in such an aggressive way.

So, while enjoying a joint, you breathe in tiny portions of ash that is rich in carcinogens. They begin to irritate your sensitive lungs. That is why your wise breathing system starts to produce more mucus to get rid of the ash particles. And after that, we begin to cough.

The hot’ n’ cold effect

Did you know that bong fans also experience coughing fits? But it is not because of the weed smoke itself. To enjoy all the benefits of Mary Jane, they heat up the water (or any other liquid) in the smoking device to a high temperature. Therefore, the first inhale of something very hot can become a real challenge for the unprepared lungs. The smoker begins to cough in order to ventilate his body from hot vapor or smoke.

Not to get your breathing system burnt, try to add a couple of ice cubes in your bong. They will make the smoke cooler and softer. If you prefer a vaporizer, reduce the temperature or choose the mode for the beginners.

The strongest pot stuff

Many smokers dream of trying different types of wax weed or powerful pot strains to have the best high ever. But after the very first inhale, coughing can spoil the whole experience. Of course, the effect of pot wax or the famous Chief Kief is something out of this world, but they do more harm to the gentle tissues of our throat and lungs.

After smoking the light strains of weed for a long time, experiments with marijuana wax can be really disappointing for the newcomers. Moreover, prices on weed wax can seem unreasonably high. So, do not be in a hurry to try everything—let your lungs get used to all that stress.

Obviously, coughing while taking a hit is an act of protection. So, give your body some time to react to your new habit and, of course, do not forget to free your mind.

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