Bong Gas Mask and Other Crazy Bongs

Bong Gas Mask and Other Crazy Bongs

Marijuana lovers are dedicated to making their smoking experience and high better, and it has been this way since the very beginning: from an ancient wooden pipe in Africa to modern glass and acrylic bong, weed gas mask, and even minimalist chic bong! Each bong is unique in everything, from size, form, and design to the high it provides. Some of them are high-tech, while others are so crazy that they blow your mind! Are you ready to get familiarized with six craziest weed bongs in the world? Then keep reading!

1. The Killer Coil Bong

This is some serious stuff. Three cooling towers make it a real monster among weed bongs. One smooth hit will show you all its advantages. More than that, while you are getting high and relaxed, you can watch the mesmerizing smoke curl around the bong’s mechanisms. It is a truly amazing sight!

2. Face Bong

Watch out! This bong can really capture your mind! This real masterpiece is not just a beautiful thing to look at—feel free to wear it on your face and experience the best hit in your life!

3. Weed Mask Bong

Smoke Mask bong is something we just could not leave out. With this incredible appliance, you can leave your hands free and just let the smoke get into your mouth. Besides, it can give you a chance to look at the world from another angle—try to gaze out from beneath the gas mask bong!

4. Minimalist Chic Bong

Elegance. Simplicity. A minimalist chic bong is minimalism at its best. A special bong’s diffuser right on the top of the bong makes every hit smooth and additionally acts as a splash guard. Besides, no one forbids you to experiment, so take a piece of ice and put it at the base of the bong. The surprising cooling effect will definitely make your smoking experience longer, safer, and more pleasant. Have a try!

5. Alien Bong

Like fantasy films? Then this bong with an alien creature inside will be the best company for you during your amazing smoking experience.

6. Lungs and Heart Bong

A bit ironic, but still perfect Lungs and Heart bong will show you how the smoke goes through your body. One more interesting thing to do while high!

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