Body mass balance and decrease of diabetes risk prove positive effects of medical marijuana

Body mass balance and decrease of diabetes risk prove positive effects of medical marijuana

The superstitions related to cannabis consume declare the possibility of the considerable marijuana health risks however new researches prove not only its safety in case of the responsible consume but even some advantages as well. The study based on the university scientists’ long-term observations has associated the effects of marijuana use with a decrease of obesity level and risk of getting diabetes. The detailed data was published in the magazine dedicated to overweight and the problems connected with the adiposity.

The professors from Quebec University, Department of Health Care joined the annual conference to demonstrate the study material using the specific patterns and methods of observation. They investigated the cannabis consume among the adults aged from 18 to 74 to follow the changes in their mass index of the body (BMI) taking into account such factors as gender, health history, and came to the conclusion that those who had smoked marijuana in the last period had less chances to possess an increasing BMI. Moreover, the lowering of insulin fasting was noticed. The subjects who had been consuming marijuana showed lower insulin resistance (HOMAIR) in comparison to those experimental who hadn’t been smoking or consuming cannabis in any way.

The report says that an average body mass index of marijuana consumers constituted around 27 versus approximately the index of non-consumers – 29 which proves the positive effects of medical marijuana on body weight. The lowest level of body mass was found by those who never smoked tobacco or were just former smokers.

The project authors state that this extensive survey due to its cross-sectional approach cannabis consume proved the decrease of fat mass and fasting insulin with a quite big prevalence in comparison to non-users. It gives the reason to start the new researches on cannabinoids as a perspective subject to study the obesity and linked conditions.

The earlier information reported already in 2013 in the American Medicine Magazine, in 2012 by the British Journal of Medicine and 2011 in the American Epidemiology Magazine   confirmed favorable index of diabetes control among marijuana smokers versus those who hadn’t tried cannabis in the recent time.

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