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    • Ohio Legal Weed Program

      Ohio Legal Weed Program0

      Although new marijuana laws were officially adopted in Ohio on Thursday, this does not mean much for patients who need weed legalization immediately. In fact, there are no dispensaries in the state, and they are not expected to appear for another two years. This situation puts the residents of the state in a tough position:

    • Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

      Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis0

      What does marijuana plant look like? Is it the same as hemp? Does marijuana bring the same high as hemp? Can it be used medically? Here are the questions you have probably asked yourself in order to figure out what things make hemp and marijuana different. Keep reading to finally find out. Can hemp get

    • How Many Grams Is a Half Ounce

      How Many Grams Is a Half Ounce0

      If you are reading this article, then you surely like smoking pot, but sometimes you may feel like you need an advanced math degree to purchase marijuana properly. You may have heard about a gram of weed or eights, quarters, dimes, and ounces. And the list is not ending. It may sound overwhelming, but there

    • Dime of Weed and Other Weights

      Dime of Weed and Other Weights0

      How many grams in a dime, quarter, pound, or eighth is there? This is the question that all marijuana smokers ask themselves at some point. We are used to these weights of weed and do not even question them, but in fact, there is a reasonable science behind them. Unless you carry scales in your

    • Best Vape Pens

      Best Vape Pens0

      Smoking cannabis has always caused the clash of opinion as some people claim it is messy and damages the environment, while others find it a great and effective treatment for illnesses that the traditional medicine is incapable of helping with. But luckily for both sides, technology has stepped in, and now everyone is able to

    • Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

      Should Marijuana Be Legalized?0

      A group of British MPs claims that cannabis should be legalized because of its great therapeutic value. They state there is evidence that cannabis helps people deal with chronic pain and different psychological disorders, like anxiety and deep depression. However, the Home Office still classifies cannabis as a harmful drug that damages the mental and