Best Weed for Sex

Best Weed for Sex

Sex and weed are mutually complementary things, so to get the best out of their mix, find out which marijuana strains are the best for making love.

Asian Fantasy

You do not have to be a great mathematician to enjoy Asian Fantasy. Nor do you have to know the Asian traditions and culture, though we recommend to. With Asian Fantasy, forget about constraint and imagine yourself as a fancy, high society chap. The undertones of apples and cheese make every marijuana enthusiast double-pleased. The feelings of relaxation are accompanied with an energetic charge. Play any role having sex while high on weed and let the Asian Fantasy be your best fellow.

Ultimate Trainwreck

The name of the strain may remind you of the sloppy college sorority girls. The strain will make you aroused and focused. But that is not all. Ultimate Trainwreck gives every smoker a nice body buzz, so we recommend having some oral play after smoking it. You and your partner will never forget such an experience. Remain focused and enjoy the effects.

Strawberry Dream

Do you know what is better than strawberries covered with chocolate? It is a marijuana strain that tastes like strawberries. Create a romantic evening with your partner smoking Strawberry Dream. More than that, this strain will surely make you the happiest person on the planet. Happy, uplifted, euphoric, and ready for having sex while high—here are the effects of the real marijuana strain for stoned sex.

Silverback Gorilla

It sounds a bit scary, but do not worry, Silver Gorilla makes smokers very happy and creative. A lovely earthy and sweet taste of the strain together with the smell of the morning walk in the forest will create the perfect high atmosphere for you and your partner. Feel the relaxation and get ready for a unique sexual experience that is both gentle and intense. Silverback Gorilla does not have a long-lasting effect, so make sure you get right to business immediately.

The Third Dimension

The name of the strain may make you think that after smoking it you will find yourself in the outer space. The perfect smell of mango, pineapple, and lemon creates the feeling of vacation and marijuana sex on the beach. Double delight, do you not think so?

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