Best Way of Cleaning Your Glass Pipe

Best Way of Cleaning Your Glass Pipe

A lot of tobacco enthusiasts face the problem of inability to clean the glass pipe after smoking, as they feel too relaxed and free. On the Internet, there are dozens of ways to clean home made pipes but it seems like they are written by some hippies with unclear minds. If you want a clean pipe, follow the instruction written below.

1. Before you start to clean the pipe, gather the supplies to simplify the process. Find a bottle of rubbing alcohol, plain sea salt, a plastic sandwich bag, pipe cleaners, some cotton swabs, and gloves (rubber). A plastic bag can be replaced with any ceramic, plastic, or metal container. All this stuff costs about six dollars while a glass pipe cleaner in most cities costs over $60.

2. Before any glass pipe cleaning, decide whether you want to keep the black gold: resin. Some consider it disgusting for smoking, but it can be even more beautiful than the usual tobacco.

3. Take your dirty glass pipe and put some sea salt into the crevices. Then place the glass pipe in the plastic bag and dip the pipe in alcohol, which will dissolve the resin’s hold on the glass while the sea salt will create friction and help scour the dirt from the inside.

4. Make an effort to really shake the bag, as if you have gotten electrocuted. You may keep adding the sea salt because it dissolves in alcohol and turns into a black murk. We advise you to rinse the glass pipe with hot water (not cold!) and repeat the procedure one more time to be sure that the pipe is cleared thoroughly. If you do not need to use the pipe immediately, you may leave it soaking in the solution overnight.

5. Now you have to use cotton swabs and pipe cleaners to get rid of any extra dirt in the inaccessible pieces. To clear the mouthpiece of the pipe, you may also use the cotton swabs.

6. Rinse the bowl under hot water for the last time. Congratulations! Now you can clean the glass pipe in just 15 minutes, saving both money and time!

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